Are you 100% ready for your next unforeseen reputation crisis?

SURGE wants to help you to prove it!

What is SURGE

SURGE is a Digital Mention Generator to test the response, reaction, capacity and management of companies in hostile scenarios, always within a secure and controlled environment.

SURGE can also act as coach of social media teams & customer service, to learn about real crisis scenarios and their answers and solutions.

SURGE acts within the listening and monitoring tools of social networks that companies use to engage with their global audiences, achieving the realism and the necessary impact so that the simulation reflects real environment.

This is one of the reasons why you get a realism like no other. The crisis is projected within the tools that social media and customer service teams use.

Why use SURGE

SURGE is unique in its kind.

Digital and PR agencies are the only resources businesses have to test their crisis reputation and digital response capabilities. It is not real, expensive and not scalable.

Carrying out tests and analysis in real environments is a real risk for the company. And testing in an environment that has no realism is not effective for the evaluation.

SURGE is designed for generateing stress and crisis situations that put the companies we work with into a commitment. Situations that will be percieved like real for social media monitoring teams, but always within a secure environment for the company.

Be able to learn, measure and evaluate your responsiveness.


If you want to try the tool or know more about SURGE, send us an email to:

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If you want to try the tool or know more about SURGE

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